i3DiSPLAY SOS (Self-Ordering System) gives you the opportunity to customize the
entire service experience for your customers with the ever powerful digital signage device.
Create business promotions, digital ads and play attractive videos, all with a few clicks.

Food & Beverage

i3DiSPLAY SOS is a self-ordering kiosk with integrated with POS system. Customers can self-order via the restaurants e-menu, directly from the kiosk or their mobile devices.

  • Broadcast customized menus to entice customers.
  • Operate queue management system that offers great convenience and time saving to customers.
  • Outdoor advertising.

Retailers & Chain Stores

i3DiSPLAY SOS makes it easy to have numerous attractive software applications to draw larger crowds, engaging them effectively.

  • Reduce printing cost with e-brochures or any other promotional ads.
  • High-end digital method of products showcase about product specification or to promote latest highlighted product.

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